Monday, March 30, 2009

Spring decoration

As I mentioned in the previous post, it was a custom in Germany, to decorate windows & doors as the seasons changed. It was like a competition. Whose decoration was the best! I used to always take a new route back home from the bus stop to see just the decoration people put up for Spring. The flowers that we blooming were a sight to watch. We dint have a garden at that time. I used to be amazed & dreamt of having a patch of land some day to put up my own show as well. The multi colored Tulips, Daffodils & Hyacinths couldn't be left unnoticed.

The photo below is from one of the farms in Keukenhof, Lisse. A typical Dutch farming display; a canal by the farm.

After we moved to a bigger apartment in 2007, I'd collected enough over the years to put up my own Spring decoration on the windows. The windows were really huge & just loved the fact of seeing so many colorful things hanging from the windows. I used to visit the malls in the city center, just to see the decorations that were being put up by the staff. AmAr used to get bored of me getting excited & was rather scared. Scared because, he used to always think the next would be that I wanted to buy some more decorative stuff to put on in the house as we'd so many road facing windows. I used to see the looks on his face & would immediately tell him, "Oh! Don't worry I wouldn't buy those stuff, until the ones at home are lost or would get damaged!" Me being so stingy, would rather buy something that is affordable & not very expensive.

Few snaps of the spring decoration put up this year are yet to be clicked. At the moment I don't have my camera. It's on a trip. Once I've it, shall update the post.

04.04.2009: - Yipeeeee! My camera is back & I got busy with it clicking. Here goes our Spring 2009!

This photo is of the living room window. WoW! Look at those lil bunnies, so cute.

This photo is of the Kitchen backyard entrance & the House main door.

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  1. Very nice....i loved the background music...its so soothing and goes so well with the gardening theme.


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